Interest Free Boilers in London, Surrey & Kent

Getting a boiler interest free is a popular choice amongst many. It’s often not practical to pay for things upfront, especially when there are other things to pay off. That’s why many opt for monthly payments. However, interest usually makes monthly payments more of a pain than a benefit!

When you install a new boiler with Heating Services Ltd, we want to make sure the process is easy for you. That’s why we offer boilers interest free. You can install your new boiler with us and divide the cost into monthly payments, interest free!

The benefits don’t end there. When you choose our interest free boilers, you will also receive boiler installation and maintenance.

Our Boiler Installation Service

 Here at Heating Services Ltd you will receive boiler installation when you choose our interest free boilers (or if you prefer to pay upfront, we can cater to that too). Our team will come equipped and ready at your door to install your new boiler.

We employ the best team of engineers to install your new boiler so you will feel comfortable and confident when inviting one of our engineers onto your property. Our expert team are fully licensed and registered with Gas Safe. This means that they have received comprehensive training in all aspects of plumbing and heating, including boiler installation and other boiler services. Whatever your needs are for a boiler, our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you.


Enjoy your New Boiler Interest Free

 Once your boiler is up and running, you don’t need to pay us upfront for the whole cost. We understand that everyone has different situations and sometimes it’s more practical to spread payments over a period of time rather than paying in full.

So, you can choose how you pay for our boiler and boiler installations. The best part about it is that we won’t charge interest so you’re only paying for what you’re getting.

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 We’re happy to help our customers with all of their boiler needs; from installation to maintenance. So, if you’re ready to install your interest free boiler, contact our talented team today or get a free quote.


The best boiler installation

We are skilled and experienced
We are skilled and experienced
We are highly qualified
We are highly qualified
We offer full management services
We offer full management services
We have affordable prices
We have affordable prices
We have a great range of services
We have a great range of services

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If you need interest free boiler installation, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. To get started, give us a call on 01883 672 171 or 0203 633 4070.

Expert Boiler Maintenance and More

At Heating Services LTD, we don’t just offer boiler installation. We also provide a range of other services to keep your heating system in top condition. These include annual servicing, power flushing, and more.

An annual service is important to keep your boiler running efficiently and to spot any potential problems before they become serious. 

A power flush clears out any build-up of sludge and debris in your heating system, which can improve its efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

Contact us today for our boiler and heating services.


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